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Privacy Policy AdLantic Online Advertising BV

AdLantic takes the use of Internet and your privacy very seriously. We see it as our duty to be completely transparent to consumers as well as parties who want to use our services.

By clicking the "youronlinechoices" icon in the display expression, we offer you more information. You will visit a webpage that zooms in on our services in general and specifically for you. The page gives you information about your cookie status, the data that we have collected and your settings. Use this page to change your settings.

There is much to do these days about consumer privacy on the Internet. Unfortunately, many opinions are not based on facts but on misconceptions. Hence the following table to make clear to you what our services entail and what we know and don’t know about you. Obviously AdLantic speaks in its own right and we have no insight into methods of other parties.

What are cookies?

- Cookies are small text files that remember your browsing preferences and save it to your computer. Cookies make the Internet easier. In the first instance, they remember what your preferred language is, what your password is and your login names. In addition there are cookies which record the websites you visit and estimate your interests. The example is regularly sought results, match tickets and sports. This is defined as online behavioural advertising (OBA) Based on this information we use the cookies and information to display relevant advertisements, advertisers and website administrators estimate which ads may be of interest to you based on this information.
- AdLantic does not collect or use data intended to target children under the age of 12 with regard to OBA.
- AdLantic does not collect or use data regarded as sensitive personal data as defined by the data protection act with regard to OBA. These segments are: racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health, sex life.

What we do know about you?

- What browser you used to visit websites from one of our partners
- What products you have seen/clicked on

What we DO NOT know about you?

- Your name
- Who you are
- Where you live
- Where you work
- Which sex you are
- What your IP address is
- Other data that identifies you

What do we do with the data obtained?

The data will only be used to show u relevant advertisements. We do not use the data for anything else and will not sell the data we have obtained to other companies.

Statement data

This website places cookies and is used by third parties in order to show the right ad for the right visitor. With cookies, we can analyze visitor behavior and thereby improve our web page. We also use cookies to track how many visitors clicked on an ad. Cookies are also used to make you aware of products that you have viewed on other websites and connect advertisements to your interests so they will be more relevant. (Note: if you say no to cookies you will see other, possibly less relevant ads).
If you surf on this site, you will authorize the installation and use of our cookies and third parties. The cookies will - only if you continue surfing - Automatically track your behavior on this website.
See below a list of the cookies we often use, what information they collect and how long they are used:

Cookie tabel en

Your consent for these cookies may be revoked at any time. You can do that here:

EDAA The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance

AdLantic adheres to the EDAA principles with regard to their use of your data and OBA.
Please visit:

Complaints Process

If you have any queries or wish to make a complaint as to how AdLantic operate or use your data with regard to OBA please sent an email to: of give us a call +31-30-2341222.
You can also write a letter to:

AdLantic Online Advertising BV
a.t.t.n. complaints officer
Vinkenburgstraat 2a
3512 AB Utrecht
The Netherlands

AdLantic’s complaints department will reply within 3 working days.
AdLantic will store the complaints data for a maximum of one year after the settlement of the complaint.



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